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lurker_lost's Journal

16 October
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Hello, I am Lurker_Lost, known elsewhere as Stheere, or sometimes Blackvine.

I am an unrepentant lurker.

I do not keep a journal (and I've tried, unfortunately) because I just do not have anything interesting to say (seriously, I am long-winded and never say anything important anyway). Previous attempts have ended with me feeling like I have to post out of a sense of obligation, and "make a journal post" just becomes another thing on the to-do list I'm not looking forward to... Which is obviously not how this is supposed to work >_>;;

I do comment on other people's posts, but never regularly. It completely depends on how much time I have (sometimes I don't see something someone has posted until weeks later, and it feels weird to comment on such an old post), and (again) whether I have something to say about it. I don't ever say anything just for the hell of it (anymore), so if I say something to you... I really, really meant it. ^^

I'm just not looking for close friendships online (or even in real life), so please, please don't take offense if I don't comment on everything, or even most things.

If you don't want an unreliable, flaky, lurker sort-of person on your f-list, you are welcome to defriend/not add me, I promise I will not take offense. <3
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